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Why ‘feminist’ is NOT an insult

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Honestly, there’s nothing like International Women’s Day to get me into that oh so elusive writing mood. Whereas on other days I feel emotionally blocked and utterly muse less, IWD makes the words pop out effortlessly and in a somewhat unsettling strange tune.

I grew up with strong, powerful role model of a mother. A force to be reckoned with, a provider and caretaker and above all, a great mom.

My mom made us a bounty full of great food every day. She made sure our clothes were always ready and at bay. She made the house clean and utterly spotless all the time. She gave us an open ear and sat with us every day just to make sure we’re fine. Now, if you’ve read all this and you’re asking yourself – ‘What does this have to do with anything?’ or ‘That’s not being a feminist!’ or even; ‘Yet another oppressed 90’s housewife scene’, you couldn’t be any more wrong.

Being a feminist doesn’t mean any of that ‘I’m not going to clean’ or ‘Cooking and baking will never be my thing’. Being a feminist simply means that as a woman we have a power and a voice. We have the strength to change things and we should acknowledge it and let our voices be heard because we deserve much more.

See, my mom and dad worked together every day growing up. At the same business, under the same rank, and under the same work conditions. But guess who did all the managerial tasks? My mom. And who took care of the funds? –  Well, if you guessed my mom again, kudos to you!

No one even flickered an eye seeing her come by. I remember tagging along with her to the bank as she took care of the business – gazing at this suited up mega house of a woman as she tackles her way through everything with no hassle and thinking to myself, that is exactly who I want to be.

Feminism shouldn’t be an outward and loud cry with anti-misogynistic claims. It shouldn’t be a refusal to do anything that has ever been associated with past walks of woman’s lives so loudly it’ll make you feel utterly insane.

If you like cooking and cleaning, then clean and cook yourself away. Don’t act like the simple act of refusing to do any of these things makes you a feminist. It does not.

Feminism is aiming forward as a gender.

Feminism is not letting the fact that you’re a woman deny you of anything else or define your abilities.

Feminism is believing in equal rights, equal treatments and equal benefits between both genders.

If ANYONE does not believe in any of these, he or she is not just ‘not a feminist’, but a complete and utter ***hole as well, for lack of a better term.

So, if you don’t want to let a prejudice define you as a principle, think about it a little first. You might be losing out on something you love and missing the point by doing that entirely. Long enough has the ‘Feminist’ rank been referred to has being a b***ch and that should change.

When protests become a more prominent and dominant factor in a movement then simply acting and moving forward as a woman or together as a gender something clearly needs to change.


Natalie Alice Zigdon
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