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Why New Year’s Resolutions are just a bunch of Hogwash

Natalie Alice Zigdon1164 views

It’s that time of the year again.

Yes, you know what I’m talking about.

That time where everyone turns into the worst, self-sabotaging version of themselves and say; I’ve done awful this year, I know. But hec, now it’s the new year and I am going to be a new version of me! And a far superior and better version at that! Because apparently, nothing presses a reset button better than literally one changed digit.

It’s a nice premise, I’m sure. That idea that you can just change who you are, or parts of yourself the second the year iss over.

But honestly? I call hogwash.

Firstly, why on earth would you want to change yourself entirely?! You are you and that’s that. Experiences and mistakes make you the person that you are, and there’s not a damn thing about it you should be ashamed of. If there’s a thing in your life that makes you for any reason love yourself a little less, reflect on it first. You might grow to love yourself more by learning to embrace it.

Look at me, for instance. For the majority of my life, I felt excluded for the way I look and my hobbies. I’ve received countless of heckling and backlashes for being a girl who likes “ungirly things” or for getting my head stuck in a book for the majority of my younger years. I’ve hated my body for most of my adult life thinking its asymmetric figure is annoying (and makes jeans shopping utterly impossible), but now I’ve grown to love every one of these aspects. They made me the person I am, and hating them means hating myself.

A change could be good, but never change what makes you, you.

And if there is something critical you really want to change or make better in your life, something that does not kill who you are and can actually better yourself – like taking a course, or taking on jogging or conscious eating or anything else that doesn’t diminish yourself as a person, why on earth would you want to wait an entire year to get that going?

I mean, think about it. If you focus on the idea that starting January 1st you are going to be a greater version of yourself – whether it means being more active or being more focused on your projects or even just to put some me time for yourself every day, and you “fail” miserably by February or March, are you really going to wait a whole year to try again?!

If you think you really matter and you put yourself first. If you think something is important enough for you to want to change it- while still appreciating the impact it had when it was in your life- then just go right ahead and change it.

Don’t wait for next year or next month, life is too short and ain’t nobody got time for that.

And on that note,

Happy New Year’s everyone! Here’s to making NO New Year’s resolutions at all this year!

Natalie Alice Zigdon
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