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Why You Should Care About International’s Womans Day

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HeforShe-pinkbgDo you remember that urging feeling to fit in you had when you were a kid? You wanting to prove yourself and be counted as an equal yet you fail miserably in every made attempt. You keep rising on to fall miserably yet again. Well guess what? Take that and multiply it by probably a dozen and you still wouldn’t get to how bad it was for women before feminism was introduced.

Me? My dad will probably tell you that I was born a feminist. I am the youngest and only girl, with 4 older brothers, so its probably a given. I remember I even used to go with him to the Synagague every saturday when I was a kid mainly to prove a point, that not only men get to do some stuff and that I am able to do whatever they do and more, and in a way it can be irritating, that years went by, and in 2015 we still need to make the same struggle. To earn decent pay, to be taken seriously and to fit in society just as any.

If you havent heard of the HeForShe campaign yet, you might have been living under a rock, so in case the sunlight had gotten a little bright there, I’ll just give you the short version. HeForShe Is campaign Initiated by UN Women, lead by the amazing Emma Watson (And yes, I do mean Harry Potter’s Hermione’s, Emma Watson, as if Hermione could ever be more awesome) that focuses on gender equality. And if you look just a little closer, and just check the media around us a little bit more, you’ll see how poorly we are still presented. You know what? I take it back, you don’t really need to look a little closer at all. Literally type in every word into your internet search and you’ll see discriminating woman picture, because that is today model for young children, and why is that? Mainly because strong women had always been brought down with claims of ‘Men Hating’ but that is  farthest from the truth.

I work as an IT manager, and I deal with people belittling my role on a daily basis, and lifting their nose straight up whenever I say “No, I’m not the secretary”, and that just a huge step back overall. You don’t think woman can be IT Managers? Well sucks for you I guess. But I am, and I know what I’m doing. Just because we are women doesn’t mean we are incapable. It might even mean the opposite, and that’s pretty much the main point feminism tries to make. From not being able to learn to read, to not being able to vote and even run for presidency, we have really came a long way, but personally. I don’t think it’s enough. What about you?

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